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  • What are the trailer dimensions?
    Length: 3.3m Height: 2.8m Width: 1.8m
  • Do you do a pop-up restaurant?
    We occasionally pop up at breweries but we specialise in catering for private parties, weddings etc.
  • Do you make the dough?
    Yes, our dough is all made by hand now (no machines), the old authentic way! Our hand sourdough ferments for 60 to 72 hours.
  • What size are your pizzas?
    Our pizzas will fit in a 13-inch pizza box. They are eight slice pizzas (275g dough ball)
  • Do you have gluten-free and vegan options available?
    Yes, we absolutely can cater to our vegan friends! We also do provide a gluten-free option but as we only have one oven there is a chance of cross-contamination. View our vegan pizzas here.
  • What is your pricing?
    Please find our pricing plans here.
  • Will we need electricity?
    The short answer is no!
  • What should I expect on the day of my catering event?
    We arrive two hours before your event We simply start stretching and topping pizzas. Guests are more than welcome to come and watch us cook the pizzas in our wood-fired oven, it adds to the spectacle! We can provide a display table where pizzas can be placed We don’t have waiters Pizzas will be presented on a metal round tray with a cardboard round underneath the pizza We provide hand sanitiser and also napkins for guests!
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